Helping Small Business Owners Build, Purchase and Sell Successful Companies

Like you, we run a small business — our product is legal services. Like you, we are passionate about what we do — providing quality, experienced legal services delivered to small businesses in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

We concentrate in two areas: Contracts and small business purchase and sales.

Contracts. A good contract is a thing of value… bringing solid revenue to a smaller company on a consistent, stable basis. Almost every business transaction starts with a contract and that is frequently the catalyst for small business owners to seek a relationship with a business attorney: they have been presented with a contract to sell their service or product; to lease office space; to establish a line of credit with their bank.

Small Business Purchase and Sales. You’ve invested time, money and effort to create something of value for yourself and your family: a thriving small business. When the time comes to pass the torch, you need experienced and qualified counsel at your side to ensure the most favorable outcome. Our client portfolio includes professional services companies, product manufacturers and distributors, and a wide array of consultants — the majority of which are established businesses that employ, on average, 10–100 people. All of them have one thing in common — the desire and talent to grow a successful business venture until it is time to exercise an exit strategy and sell.

Our clients seek us out because they want to establish a relationship with legal counsel before problems arise. They want a lawyer they can count on as a sounding board, a legal advisor and a strong right hand. Likewise, we choose to accept and serve those savvy clients because they want the same quality of service that we are ready to deliver to them — each and every day.

Our practice is built upon a foundation of contracts reviewed, information shared, problems solved and challenges met as they arise.