What We Do For You

Our practice is structured to provide a carefully-chosen portfolio of privately-held smaller business clients with the services of business counsel, without the overhead.

Many Widett and McCarthy client relationships often begin with the review and mark-up of a single contract. A good contract represents value to your company, but a bad contract can become an albatross around your neck for a long time to come.

For those clients who are either acquiring a business or are ready to pass the torch and reap the benefits of their hard work and investment, well-drafted Offers and Purchase and Sales Agreements are essential. We work closely with them to ensure the best possible outcome.

Let us show you how we can help you with the legal challenges facing your business as it grows, so that it is ready when it comes time to sell.

Every business transaction is unique and needs its own contract We prepare and/or review a variety of contracts and agreements, helping you to achieve your goals for each business transaction and protect your company as you do business. For example:

  • you and a customer need to memorialize and protect your business deal with a contract;
  • you and a vendor need to agree and form a contract on the business terms of your arrangement;
  • you need to understand the parameters of an equipment lease;
  • you need to be sure your new office lease is fair and balanced;
  • you need to be sure you know what your bank expects of you before you sign that loan agreement;
  • you and a competitor need to mutually protect your confidential information as you enter into a strategic alliance with a mutual non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

Your business location decision is an important one — We prepare and/or review your commercial lease if you decide to rent space. We assist you with the offer to purchase/purchase and sale agreement if you decide to buy.

Securing business loans can be critical — We guide and assist you from beginning to end of the lending process. When you get ready to sign the loan documents, you will understand your rights and obligations.

We can work with you and your accountant to help you acquire a new business, or sell your existing privately-held, non-venture capital financed business — Since no two deals are ever alike, the proper preparation of your documentation is absolutely crucial. We will help you prepare letters of intent. We will also help you prepare and/or review purchase and sales agreements.

They say it's lonely at the top, but no small business owner who succeeds is ever truly alone — That's because they have a team to support the growth of the business. Consider us part of your team. We help you find the other professional resources you need to keep your business healthy, growing and strong. We draw on long-term relationships with experienced advisors.

We share our referral network of professional advisors to provide clients assistance with:

  • Human resource issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Financing needs
  • Insurance needs
  • Technology needs
  • Public relations needs
  • Strategic marketing, branding and communications
  • Valuation of a business
  • Business broker

In Summary:

Operating and maintaining a business is often a rewarding decision for a small business owner, but it can be challenging without the right professional resources.

Our fees are reasonable and discussed with our clients before we enter into a professional relationship.

Starting with that first contract, our goal is to help you protect your business as you build it. We can help you build your professional team — lawyer, accountant, insurance advisor and banker — from day one, before commitments are made, contracts are signed or deals are entered into.

With a good team of professional advisors in place, problems become challenges to be met, goals to be achieved, and successes to celebrate.

And at the end of the road is a solid exit strategy.